Our Homeowners Association has been contacted by the North Londonderry Township concerning some of our Bradford Pear tree branches  overhanging on the street.  Branches may interfere with township vehicles performing routine service or maintenance.  Please make sure you have 14 foot of clearance. Simply stand on you curb and measure up 14 feet.  If any branches are in the way, please remove then as soon as possible.  The branches can be placed curbside for pick-up by the township.

Do you have a small business in your home?  Let us know about it, we are developing a vendor page and a help wanted page!  Are there young teens in the neighborhood that are looking to cut other homeowner's grass in the summer or shovel driveways when it snows?  If you are looking for someone to mow your grass or shovel your driveway contact a board member and let us know if you are looking to pay a young teen in the neighborhood to do some work for you! If you have a young teen that who would be willing to perform the work for a fee, please contact a board member to let us know their availability!